Daily Archives: August 12, 2008

The term “cyber warfare” conjures up images of coordinated military attacks mounted to cripple an enemy country’s vital infrastructure.

As the attacks on Georgian government and news Websites in the last few days show, however, the reality is much messier, and might not deserve the term “warfare” at all. It appears to represent an upwelling of antagonism on a broader front, coordinated across the internet to achieve maximum effect. Active government sponsorship is impossible to discern. All very Web 2.0, in fact. Read more

pandora.jpgIt seems a safe bet that most of the money made by iPhone application developers will come in the form of advertising. That is the overwhelming lesson from the PC-based internet.

So if Steve Jobs is right in saying that the marketplace for paid-for iPhone applications will eventually reach $1bn, how much bigger might the advertising market be? (Jobs’ prediction, in an interview with the Wall Street Journal, is based on the $1m-a-day in sales the the new App Store has notched up in its first month, and why not? These are still very early days.) Read more

It would be a shame to allow the passing of former dotcom star i2 Technologies to go unheralded (it has just agreed to be bought by JDA Software for $346m.)

Remarkably, the maker of supply-chain software was once worth $50bn. These days B2B e-commerce companies induce a mild yawn, but there was a time when they set the pulses racing, and none more so than i2. Read more