Monthly Archives: August 2008

Richard Waters

friendster.jpg The Asian online advertising market is probably worth around $3-5bn a year.

That’s according to Richard Kimber, who has just taken over as CEO of social networking site Friendster. Hard numbers are difficult to come by, but as the former regional head of Google’s business in South Asia Kimber probably has as good a handle on this as anyone. Read more

It appears that Steve Jobs has admitted to a rare mistake in the launch of MobileMe, the re-vamped version of Apple’s .Mac internet services suite.

The subscription service, which allows users to store files, check email, upload photos, and perform other tasks online, has been plagued by problems since it launched at the same time as the new 3G iPhone, the iPhone applications store, and the iPhone 2.0 software update last month. Read more

Richard Waters

If three years ago a company had $7.4bn of cash on hand, but now its entire market cap has fallen to $7.2bn, how much confidence would you have in the management?

That about sums up the state of play at Sun Microsystems. So why aren’t the private equity vultures circling? When the stock traded at a split-adjusted $15-20 it seemed that every buy-out artist in Silicon Valley wanted in. Now the shares are scraping a 13-year low of $9. With the US economy heading down and Sun admitting on Friday that it is heading back into the red, Wall Street seems to have given up on the Schwartz-Lehman turnaround. Read more

VoyagerdiskToday saw the launch of A Message from Earth, a “ground-breaking digital time capsule that will be created entirely by the Bebo community this summer and beamed into deep space on a 120 trillion-mile journey.”

The Bebo page has a video introduction by someone called Venetia, who tells us that there’s a planet 20.5 light years away that is very similar to Earth, “and could, in fact, hold life”. In fact we have no idea, but don’t let that stop you. Read more

Richard Waters

Yahoo’s annual shareholder meeting is due to start soon. It’s the first Jerry Yang has faced since becoming CEO – it just feels like a lifetime. This is what he should say, but won’t:

Good morning. I’m glad to see so many loyal shareholders here today. I’ve had the distinct pleasure of meeting many of you face to face in recent weeks, and I can tell you it has been a deeply invigorating experience. Carl sends his regrets, but he asked me to pass on his best wishes. Read more

Of all the schemes Google has dreamt up over the years, Street View has got to be one of the most controversial.

For those not familiar with the idea, Google are taking photos of every street in pretty much the whole world, and integrating it with Google Maps. Naturally, several privacy groups are up in arms at the idea, even though Google have agreed to blur faces and remove people if they request it. Read more