Daily Archives: September 19, 2008

Yahoo homeYahoo has put much emphasis on it being the “starting point” for the internet and has been revamping its home page this week to boost that strategy.

But Yahoo’s content is dependent on delivery through browsers and how users configure them, and the latest versions of these appear to erode the notion of a home or start page. Read more

ie8ad1.JPGMicrosoft knows it has a real fight on its hands this time. That is the only conclusion to draw from its highly unusual decision to start advertising downloads of IE8, even though the software is still in beta (the banner on the left was just spotted on Valleywag, leading to this landing page.)

That puts the beta IE8 up against the beta Chrome in an early battle for the hearts and minds of an influential group: the technology crowd for whom any internet service past beta is already starting to feel old hat. Read more

jabber.jpgIf you had been asked to guess at a likely acquirer for Jabber, a private open source instant messaging company, the name Cisco might not have been at the top of your list. Today, though, comes news that the network equipment giant has indeed agreed to buy Jabber for an undisclosed amount.

Despite the cute name and sparky logo, there is nothing lightweight about Jabber. It was devised from the beginning as an enterprise-grade presence and instant messaging system. Customers include banks, telcos and the US marines. Read more

Seedcamp’s winners have just been announced. They are: Read more