Daily Archives: September 24, 2008

AptWhile Jerry Yang may feel he has achieved Nirvana today, some of the chief executive’s fellow Yahoos may soon be reaching a nadir.

Mr Yang made a presentation at Advertising Week in New York, giving an official launch to Apt, the renamed Amp online advertising platform, with the San Francisco Chronicle and San Jose Mercury News becoming the first to deploy it. Read more

michaeldellMichael Dell was in London yesterday, and held a Q&A with a group of journalists. And I must admit that although he came across as very likeable, his ability to avoid answering questions (well, the ones he didn’t want to answer) was superb.

Example 1:  Read more

TrionVC money ought to be hard to come by in these credit-crunched times, but games industry start-ups still seem to be scoring big.

Trion World Network announced $70m in third-round funding  on Tuesday, after Big Fish Games landed an $83m round earlier this month. Read more