Daily Archives: September 25, 2008

Plenty of bad blood has been stirred up by Microsoft’s heavy (and pretty effective) lobbying against the Yahoo/Google advertising alliance. The Yahoo/Google camp complains that Microsoft’s influence has been behind much of the chatter (both in the media and among trade associations representing advertisers and publishers) questioning whether the deal should be allowed to go ahead.

This just sounds like sour grapes. Microsoft tried to whip up a campaign like this against the Google/DoubleClick deal as well, but that effort singularly failed. There was simply no wider groundswell of anxiety about that deal. This time it’s different, and if Yahoo/Google hope to win the battle for hearts and minds they will have to do a much better job of explaining their case. Read more

It looks like Digg is getting serious about beating back some of the competition that has begun to crop up in the social news space. Yesterday, the company that pioneered the user-driven approach to news announced its third funding round, a $28.7bn $28.7m haul led by Highland Capital Partners of nearby Silicon Valley.

The move will double Digg’s coffers, allowing it to double its staff, move to a new headquarters, and expand overseas. Four years after its launch, Digg remains one of the most popular news sites on the web. But its vote-based method for deciding which stories to display on its pages has spread far and wide, with some big media names – most notably Yahoo, with its Yahoo Buzz site - getting in on the act. Read more