Daily Archives: September 29, 2008

Smallest billboardsLos Angeles is the biggest canvas for the art of the billboard, but the latest kind being deployed by Sony would not make much of an impact at Sunset and Vine.

To promote its forthcoming game LittleBIGPlanet, Sony has been planting probably the smallest billboards in the world all over LA, under palm trees and in public parks, and actually not minding if someone picks one up and takes it home. Read more

anna-eshoo.jpgAnother sign the Yahoo/Google pact is on a razor’s edge: a group of 11 House Democrats from California has written to attorney general Michael Mukasey pleading with him not to block the advertising partnership. They’re led by Anna Eshoo (pictured), whose Silicon Valley district encompasses the HQs of both companies. Extract:

“The competitive and disruptive nature of the Internet makes it extraordinarily difficult for any company to dominate. The rapid growth of the market and the increased potential in this space invites more and more competition.” Read more

This week’s official outbreak of the Mobile Broadband Wars (see my colleague Chris Nuttall’s description of the rival WiMAX and GSM initiatives to be announced in the next couple of days) has not come soon enough for many consumers.

Demand for high-speed mobile access has already become a big source of new business for Orange, according to Olaf Swantee, head of the French group’s mobile division. I caught up with Swantee when he was in San Francisco last week, and this seemed to be just about the brightest spot for his business right now. One in eight customers signing up for a new Orange account is doing so by buying a laptop computer in one of the company’s stores along with a broadband “dongle”, he said. Read more