Daily Archives: October 6, 2008

sap-one-day-chart.png It is only two and a half weeks since Oracle reported robust quarterly earnings – but of course, that was before the fear engendered by the financial collapse had had a chance to eat its way into the executive suites of its biggest customers. To judge from the news from SAP today, things have got a lot worse – and other tech companies will already be feeling the brunt of it as well.

This is what Henning Kagerman, CEO, had to say about the latest quarter at SAP, which ended last Tuesday: Read more

It’s no longer unthinkable to compare the coming financial pain in Silicon Valley with what happened in the dotcom bust. These are two of the Valley’s more successful venture capitalists:

Prior to the financial crisis I would have not anticipated this downturn to be as pronounced as 2001 because we didn’t fly as high. Now it’s hard to say. (Bill Gurley, Benchmark Capital)

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