Daily Archives: October 7, 2008

I feel I’ve been overly negative for too long (about the decimation about to hit Silicon Valley’s start-ups, about the coming slump in tech demand, about the fundamental bankruptcy of the Web 2.0 economy.) Really, it’s high time for a positive thought.

AMDRead more

FusionKeeping pace with a giant entails taking large steps and AMD’s hiving off of its manufacturing plants is its second major bound in two years. It is far less risky than its last one.

AMD is being outspent 10 to one by Intel this year on increasing the sophistication of the manufacturing process for semiconductors. Read more

Technology is usually seen as empowering, allowing us to do more with less, whether it’s money, time or effort. But we tend to forget the restrictive side of technology. This week two great examples have emerged.

The first is a setting for Google email, which is called Mail Goggles, and stops you emailing people late at night on specific days by setting you some arithmetic questions. You can configure it for any time or day of the week, but the defaults are Friday and Saturday between 10pm and 4am, so it’s clearly aimed at social drinkers. Get one of the 5 questions wrong or fail to complete in the time allowed, and it says: “Water and bed for you.” Ouch. Read more