Daily Archives: October 20, 2008

PageonceApple has led the way in turning a phone into an open computing platform in its introduction of the App Store with the second-generation iPhone.

More than 100m copies of applications and games were downloaded in the first 60 days of the store being opened, adding to the appeal of the handset and the iPod touch. Read more

sun-one-year-chart.png Things certainly aren’t getting any better over at Sun Microsystems. Wall Street had been expecting revenues to decline 2-3 per cent in the latest quarter. Instead, Sun just pre-announced figures that suggest revenues are down roughly 7 per cent from a year ago. No IBM silver lining there.

The red ink is also starting to flow again: a pro-forma net loss of 2-12 cents for the quarter, according to Sun, which will release the full gory details on October 30th. Read more

The Silicon Valley job market has turned south remarkably quickly.

eBay’s plans to slice 1,600 jobs could be followed by a second round of cuts at Yahoo on Tuesday. And as we reported today, many tech start-ups are scrambling to cut back now in anticipation of a severe downturn ahead. Read more