Daily Archives: November 5, 2008

Quantum of SolaceVideo game publishers are often criticised for a lack of imagination in concentrating on blockbuster sequels, but it seems that’s about all gamers are prepared to pay for in these recessionary times.

Electronic Arts cut jobs and its forecasts last week as it reported that consumers were concentrating on its frontline titles and neglecting middle-tier ones and older catalogue games. Read more

Can Yahoo be serious? In its statement today on the collapse of its search alliance with Google, Yahoo said it was “disappointed that Google has elected to withdraw from the agreement rather than defend it in court.”

So let’s get this straight: Yahoo expects Google to go to war with the US government? And over a deal that meant very little at all to its bottom line? Read more

fcc.jpgLost in the back-slapping over today’s FCC approval of the “White Spaces” plan is much real discussion of what these new slices of unlicensed spectrum will actually be used for.

Larry Page has said they will give rise to “WiFi on steroids”, and that phrase has been picked up and repeated without any attempt to define it. Even FCC chairman Kevin Martin used the phrase (without attribution) today. Read more