Daily Archives: November 12, 2008

We all know that Google collects a phenomenal amount of personal data – a perennial question is whether it’s healthy for one company to know so much about us all.

But what if all that collective data could be used to spot disease epidemics before they take hold? Good thing or bad thing? I’d say good. Read more

charles-giancarlo.jpgThat was the sobering message from Charlie Giancarlo (left), formerly of Cisco and now chief executive of Avaya, when I saw him earlier today.

There have already been signs that corporate spending – the main engine that still drives the tech industry, even if the rise of the consumer has been the story of the last five years – has been weakening. Cisco, whose quarter ends a month later than most others, said last week that customer orders in October dropped by 9 per cent compared with a year before. Read more