Daily Archives: November 13, 2008

Opteron quad-core chipDespite the ringing of a major-warning bell by its stronger microprocessor rival Intel, Advanced Micro Devices is maintaining its commitment to returning to profitability in 2009.

AMD, which reported its eighth consecutive quarterly loss last month and softening sales, says it is cutting costs and focusing on core products to lower its break-even point. Read more

EA Sports ActiveConsole game publishers are working up a sweat in their efforts to win over a casual gaming audience.

Peter Moore, once a PE teacher but now head of EA Sports, says he has given himself some tough workouts testing its new Active personalised fitness product for the Nintendo Wii, but sees women as the natural target audience. Read more

SezmiSezmi, a start-up seeking to be at the heart of the convergence of the internet and broadcast television, has announced the completion of the first successful technical trials of its “TV 2.0″ service.

The Silicon Valley company has been using Seattle as a testbed for its hybrid system, which combines digital terrestrial TV signals with broadband connections to offer both regular TV channels and programming on demand. Read more

For a brief moment this week, it looked like spam had been vanquished.

No kidding. The Washington Post claimed to have slain the beast. Late on Tuesday afternoon, after an investigation by the newspaper, a hosting centre called McColo Corp, which had acted as something of a spam hub, was shut down. Read more