Daily Archives: November 25, 2008

MediaPointA battle of the boxes began today between Blockbuster and Netflix, the principal online DVD rental services in the US.

Blockbuster announced its MediaPoint digital media player to serve movies to TVs over the internet. Its response to Netflix’s Roku box, launched six months ago, differs in some important respects. Read more

How much does spam cost? It’s hard to quantify in terms of bandwidth, time and effort blocking it, and general nuisance. But here’s a figure to mull over: $873m.

That’s how much Facebook has been awarded in damages against a spammer in a US court for sending unsolicited messages on the Facebook network. And if it sounds trivial in this era of multi-billion dollar bailouts, it’s a lot more than Facebook’s expected revenues for 2008 – more than double, in fact. Read more

Twitter’s $500m takeover talks with Facebook may baffle its non-users. While Twitter has a devoted community of millions, sceptics have dismissed its 140-character “micro-blog” posts as nothing more than Facebook’s existing status update feature. Both allow people to answer Twitter’s central question: What are you doing?

For Twitter’s co-founder, Biz Stone, the answer seems to be “quite a lot” towards making a greater distinction between a feature and a business. Read more