Daily Archives: December 8, 2008

AMD share priceAdvanced Micro Devices has had to settle for less in its spin-off of its manufacturing business.

Just two months after it announced Abu Dhabi investors would take an increased share in the company and enable it to create “The Foundry Company”, AMD announced on Monday that the terms of the agreement had been amended.

The rapid economic deterioration is being blamed but, more to the point, AMD’s share price has fallen more than 50 per cent since the deal was announced on October 7. Read more

Researchers from IBM and Harvard are teaming up to produce cheaper, more efficient solar cells. It’s a noble effort, and solar could certainly use the help as it struggles to gain traction.

Yet what’s most interesting here is not the research itself, but the way in which it’s being conducted. These scientists won’t be squirrelled away in some university basement. Rather, they’ll be using the computing power from a network of idle PCs around the world to screen organic compounds for certain electronic properties. Read more