Daily Archives: December 10, 2008

The restructuring that Sony announced on Tuesday – 8,000 job losses plus another 8,000 temporary workers, with five or six factory closures – has been criticised as light on specifics. The goal is to save Y100bn in the 2010 financial year, but there is no estimate of the cost, and little detail on which factories will close.Until Sony makes its intentions clear, all of its factory employees will feel under threat, but a few more details have now emerged. Read more

As we’ve noted before, Amazon has been busy internationalising its cloud computing services step by step. A year ago it started offering the S3 storage service in Europe (an obvious first move, since privacy regulations often require companies to store sensitive data locally.) Earlier this year it announced a content distribution network (known as CloudFront) to put that information even closer to customers.

Now comes the step that will finally turn this into a true European cloud: customers will be able to elect to have their data processed as well as stored and distributed in Europe. Read more