Daily Archives: December 11, 2008

SackboyThere are still 13 more shopping days until Christmas, but the video game winners and losers at US retail this season are already clear.

Take a bow Nintendo, Microsoft and Activision Blizzard. Start making your excuses now Sony and Electronic Arts. Read more

Google Chrome has had a strange start to life. The browser is undoubtedly fast, and given it’s very new, has a lot of good features packed into it.

But where are the users? As Google took Chrome out of beta today , it revealed that the browser has gained 10m active users in its first 100 days. That sounds like a lot – until you compare it to others. Firefox – a rival browser that is more firmly established as the main alternative to Internet Explorer – has around 20 per cent of the browser market, compared to Chrome which is yet to break 1 per cent. Read more

Wall Street may be irrational, but it isn’t that irrational.

It’s been clear since Google walked that a search deal with Microsoft is the only way for Yahoo to make a meaningful difference to its performance in the short- or medium-term (notwithstanding the swingeing job cuts that took effect today.)

Nor is Microsoft hiding its intentions: after the last debacle, Steve Ballmer has, rightly, decided to be perfectly direct about his continuing interest, while at the same time stopping short of applying the thumb-screws to Yahoo again – at least for now. Read more