Daily Archives: December 17, 2008

Eight days after a critical security flaw in Internet Explorer was publicised on a Chinese website, Microsoft is still working on trying to fix the world’s most widely used internet browser – and the bad guys are having a field day.

When news of the vulnerability was still only three days old, according to Microsoft’s researchers, there was already a spate of malware written to take advantage of it: Read more

jobsmacworld.jpgApparently so. With exactly three weeks to go before the most important showcase event of the year for the world’s most important consumer technology company, Jobs has pulled out (full report here.)

Apple’s explanation is that it no longer needs tradeshows like this (Macworld has been run by IDG) and that special one-off launch events have become a better way to get attention for its new products. Certainly, analyst Michael Gartenberg agreesRead more