Daily Archives: January 8, 2009

Webbie HD@CES, Las VegasFlip camcorders from San Francisco’s Pure Digital were Christmas best-sellers in the US, but electronics giant Sony has hit back in January with its own take on the low-priced point-and-shoot video cameras.

It unveiled a new line of camcorders called “Webbie HD” at its press conference at the Consumer Electronics Show on Wednesday evening, with the MHS-PM1 (pictured) paying homage to the Flip’s design and features. Read more

Cisco music system@CES, Las Vegas – What matters most about media is how easy it is to manage and move around.

That is the animating principle behind both Cisco and Microsoft’s view of the digital home. To judge from what each company has had to show off at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, it will define competition between the two for years to come. Read more

MSI x320@CES, Las Vegas: Apple, which claims its MacBook Air is the thinnest portable PC on the market, faces new competition from an unexpected source – Taiwan-based Micro Star International.

MSI, best known for its PC motherboards and ‘Wind’ netbook PCs, used the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas to launch the ultra-thin X-Slim X320 notebook – a low-cost machine that looks remarkably similar to the MacBook Air but runs Microsoft Windows. Read more

The jumpiness is understandable: job cuts are certainly coming (and have started in some places, such as EMC’s announcement today that it will slim its workforce by around 6 per cent.) But it’s simply too early to tell how deep they will eventually be, and the most pessimistic predictions at the moment remain largely speculative.

Take the suggestion on tech blog Fudzilla last week that Microsoft was about to slash 15,000 jobs (this “news” got a surprising amount of coverage, no doubt owing to the general lack of other things to report at the time.) Read more