Daily Archives: January 23, 2009

Internet security experts are growing increasingly worried about a new worm that is infecting millions of computers around the globe. The infection, known as “Conficker” or “Downadup,” is spreading through a recently uncovered vulnerability in Microsoft Windows. So far the worm has infiltrated business, government and personal networks, as well as consumer devices such as USB memory sticks.

Though it first appeared in October, Conficker has exploded in recent weeks. The rapid spread of the worm seems to be “the first step of a multistage attack,” according to the New York Times. Experts don’t yet know what the worm is designed to do, but fear the worst is yet to come. Read more

FlowerCreating a planet and helping flowers to bloom are a far cry from the usual death and mayhem meted out by hard-core video gamers.

But for those wanting to be creative rather than destructive and mellow rather than filled with adrenaline, the latest additions to the Spore franchise and the new Flower game for the PlayStation 3  can be recommended. Read more