Daily Archives: January 28, 2009

  • The senior management team that must run Apple in Steve Jobs’ absence is now complete. Mark Papermaster will soon be free to join as the top hardware engineer for devices like the iPod and iPhone, following settlement of a lawsuit brought by former employer IBM.
  • The wait time for an Amazon Kindle just got shorter. Amazon, the e-commerce company that had a breakout hit with its e-reader, looks set to announce the next generation of Kindles in New York City on Feb. 9. One clue that the new e-readers are ready: the Kindle order page now says units will ship in four to six weeks (until very recently the wait was 11 to 13 weeks). As Bits points out, “The device has been out of stock since November, after Oprah Winfrey touted the device on her show.”

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Google likes to talk about how it’s AdSense system supplies the lifeblood for much of the Web, feeding the adverts that generate income for many other websites. Through its network of advertising affiliates, Yahoo plays a similar role.

So based on the latest results from both companies, the rest of the Web must really be hurting. Read more