Daily Archives: January 30, 2009

  • Defying the grim global economy, Amazon.com reported a terrific fourth quarter, with profit up 9 per cent and sales up 18 per cent. The online retailer attracted customers with low prices and free shipping, and continues to benefit from the buzz surrounding its Kindle e-reader, the second version of which is expected on February 9. Amazon shares were up 13 per cent in after hours trading.
  • Other tech companies were not so lucky. Sony and Toshiba both reported losses, as the slowdown in consumer spending continues to hit the electronics industry particularly hard. Even Nintendo, recently buoyed by strong sales of the Wii, has the jitters. It cut its full year profit forecast by 33 per cent as a strong yen looks set to erode earnings.

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dead-parrot-sketch.jpgMatt Rosoff, writing on Cnet today, reports Microsoft’s increasingly irrelevant claim that the Zune is not dead – at least, not yet.

It’s irrelevant because, given the latest disastrous sales numbers, it’s now clear that the moment for the Zune device to make any sort of impact in the digital music business has passed. The battle over digital music is moving on. Read more