Daily Archives: February 18, 2009

It has only been a month, so I suppose some patience is needed. But so far, the new Obama White House has shown little of the Internet savvy that was on display during the campaign.

That has been brought home by the handling of public “discussion” surrounding the stimulus package (which was signed into law on Tuesday). Before assuming office, Mr Obama promised to open all non-urgent legislation for online comment five days before signing it. The stimulus package got nearly that amount of time (according to TechPresident) – but the discussion was entirely one-way, which doesn’t really make it much of a discussion at all. Read more

As expected, smartphones have taken centre-stage at the big mobile industry bash in Barcelona (our coverage from the Mobile World Congress is here).

Also as expected, a company not even represented at the show is very much on everybody’s mind: Apple.

The fact is, Apple’s rivals have fallen badly behind in the smartphone business – even companies like Nokia and Microsoft, which have dominated the segment. Just how far behind was apparent when my colleague David Gelles and I set out to talk to independent developers to find out what they thought of the coming wave of App Store copy-cats and iPhone wannabes. Read more