Daily Archives: March 5, 2009

The social network Facebook, with 175m members,  is a far bigger service than Twitter or the lifestreaming site FriendFeed.

So, as the big kid on the block, it really ought not to have a complex about the capabilities of its pipsqueak rivals. Read more

Vivek Kundra, just named the first US chief information officer, is going to have his work cut out.

As profiled by The Washington Post, he sounds like a human whirlwind. At 34, and with less than two years as CTO of Washington DC, he’s clearly got ahead by shaking things up and asking the tough questions. Read more

The success of Yelp (which is very popular, if not profitable), has drawn attention to the local user-generated review site as a potentially viable business model. Indeed, with millions of small businesses looking for new customers (and presumably willing to advertise), accurate, comprehensive and trustworthy local directories are invaluable services for companies and customers alike.

So when Yelp introduced its London site in January, it signalled its intention to attract advertising from a chunk of the city’s 300,000 local businesses. Other similar sites were already active in London, and now one local competitor, TrustedPlaces, is trying to outflank Yelp before it gains traction. Read more