Daily Archives: March 10, 2009

CNN got a lot of publicity out of its “hologram” reporter introduced on election night in November, as well as some derisory comments.

It seemed a little ridiculous to me that the network should want to “beam” its reporter at the Obama celebrations in Chicago into its studio, when usually the whole point of putting someone on location is to have them surrounded by the colour and sound of the events they are supposed to be reporting. Read more

For people who live most of their life online, a new service is offering a tidy virtual burial when they die.

San Francisco-based Legacy Locker says it provides a safe, secure way to pass online accounts to friends and loved ones. Read more

At the FT’s digital media and broadcasting conference in London yesterday, it was pretty clear which players are in the driving seat as the British television world gets turned upside down.

The BBC, clearly, is one. As Andy Duncan, CEO of Channel 4, pointed out, the sharp contraction in TV advertising is about to tilt the market even more in favour of the Beeb, whose licence fee revenues will keep rising whatever the pain being felt elsewhere. The BBC’s £3.6bn this year will exceed the advertising base of the free-to-air broadcasters by £1bn, and according to Duncan could result in it eventually dominating TV as it does radio, where it owns 55 per cent of the audience. Read more

  • Ahead of the launch of its highly anticipated Pre, Palm is seeking to raise extra cash through the resale of shares recently acquired by Elevation Partners. Palm, which has no more than $220m in cash on hand, badly needs the cushion, and will use some of the capital to help finance the launch of the Pre.
  • Livemocha, the social language-learning network we wrote about last year, has announced a partnership with education publisher Pearson (owner of the FT). The move should extend the reach of Pearson’s Longman languages teaching and strengthen Livemocha’s offering, which depends in large part on users helping each other with language learning.

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