Daily Archives: March 31, 2009

Given the attention it received when it was launched (including from us), the demise of Wikia Search should not go unnoted.

This was the attempt by Jimmy Wales (of Wikipedia fame) to bring a more transparent crowd-sourced approach to internet search. Wales’ complaint was that the “black boxes” of the big search engines are undesirable in the long term: as people come to depend more on search, they deserve a chance to look under the covers at how results are arrived at, and to help influence the rankings. Read more

It’s one of the great conceits of Silicon Valley that the best companies are created in the darkest times.

Google, which is launching its own venture capital fund this morning, is the latest to pay lip service to the idea. This is from the blog post announcing the fund:

If anything, we think the current downturn is an ideal time to invest in nascent companies that have the chance to be the “next big thing”, and we’ll be working hard to find them.”

Google itself, of course, does not fit this picture. It is a baby of the boom times: set up in 1998, in the midst of the dotcom frenzy, and raising its first $25m in venture capital in mid-1999, which was close to the peak of the mother of all venture capital cycles. Read more

The Web 2.0 Expo exposed itself for its third year in San Francisco today.

The 2009 theme is the “Power of Less”, which sounds like a clever spin on lean times for the industry. Read more

Pat Gelsinger tagged his Monday blog post “awesome”, although he was probably referring to the Xeon 5500 server processor, formerly known as Nehalem, rather than his own prose.

The head of Intel’s Digital Enterprise Group also used the word “spectacular” several times during his presentation at the launch of the 5500 at Intel headquarters. It was Intel’s best ever piece of engineering, he said, and the most important server product since the Pentium Pro in 1995. Read more

  • Skype is expanding its push into mobile with the release of its iPhone application. The move is unlikely to threaten major telecom carriers, but may better position Skype for an eventual sale from parent company eBay.
  • Even as TV and print advertising shrunk during the recession, internet advertising remained strong in 2008, topping $23bn. Search remained the dominant form of online advertising, but spending on video, while still a small piece of the pie, more than doubled to $734m.

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The sight of Microsoft apparently prevailing in patent litigation against a Linux-based software application is bound to send a frisson of fear and loathing through the open source world.

So it was today, with news that a case brought last month against TomTom had been resolved. The Dutch-based navigation maker has agreed to make payments to Microsoft to end a claim that it breached eight patents, while also over the next two years removing functionality from its products related to two of the patents.

TomTom’s devices run on Linux, so the Microsoft lawsuit was seen as a deliberate, if sideways, attack on the open source operating system. Read more