techfile 31.3.09

  • Skype is expanding its push into mobile with the release of its iPhone application. The move is unlikely to threaten major telecom carriers, but may better position Skype for an eventual sale from parent company eBay.
  • Even as TV and print advertising shrunk during the recession, internet advertising remained strong in 2008, topping $23bn. Search remained the dominant form of online advertising, but spending on video, while still a small piece of the pie, more than doubled to $734m.
  • Intel rolled out a new line of server chips, which it says will allow data centres to run faster and more efficiently. The offering should accelerate a move towards “cloud computing”, where programs run remotely from data centres.
  • Google began offering free music downloads in China, a play to attract users in one of the few markets where it lags. With more than 300m users, China recently overtook the US as the world’s largest internet market.
  • The Magic Kingdom is coming to YouTube. Disney is close to inking a deal to distribute its content, including sports footage from ESPN, on the Google-owned video sharing website.