Daily Archives: April 10, 2009

  • US chipmaker Micron ruled out participating in the Taiwanese government’s restructuring plan for the beleaguered D-Ram memory chip industry. The move all but rules out further consolidation in an industry suffering from heavy overcapacity.
  • Search advertising in the US is predicted to fall this year, according to Screen Digest, the first time the industry has faced a serious contraction since it reached maturity. Google, which dominates the search advertising market and holds about 60 per cent market share in the US, has seen its growth slow from 31 per cent in the first quarter of 2008 to 13 percent in the fourth quarter.

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Tens of thousands of people in and around Silicon Valley on Thursday lost internet, mobile phone or landline phone service—or all three at once—after suspected saboteurs cut through several AT&T fibre-optic cables amid a labor dispute.

Cables were cut in two locations in San Carlos and two in San Jose, and police were investigating the clean cuts as crime scenes, according to San Jose police Sgt. Ronnie Lopez. Because AT&T leases out the severed lines to Verizon, that company’s customers were worst hit. Read more

The Conficker worm, which has enslaved millions of computers worldwide and enraptured the media, finally showed its hand Thursday and proved itself to be all about the money.

An undetermined number of infected machines had been updated with new instructions from the worm’s authors during the past week. The updates were delivered from other infected machines in a peer-to-peer methodology. Read more