Daily Archives: April 17, 2009

  • For the second time this week, a large technology company claimed that while things might not yet be getting any better, they do at least seem to have stopped getting worse. After Intel‘s claim that the PC market had “bottomed out”, Nokia said it believed the cellphone market was stabilising. Its shares jumped by 11 per cent on the news.
  • Google offered a less encouraging prognosis for a tech recovery. CEO Eric Schmidt said the company was in “uncharted territory” as Google reported the first sequential quarterly fall in revenues in its 11-year history. But with its search business holding up better than other forms of online advertising, Google’s shares held on to the gains of nearly 60 per cent they have notched up since late last year.

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Responding to concerns that it was invading users’ privacy and taking ownership of their content, Facebook will let its members choose what terms of service govern the popular social networking site.

Starting today, users will have a week to vote between two sets of documents: a revised version of the terms of use released in February that incorporates user feedback and clarifies language about Facebook’s relationship to content posted on the site, or the existing terms of use that still include controversial language. Read more