Daily Archives: April 22, 2009

  • Carol Bartz took a sharper knife than expected to Yahoo’ s staffing levels as the biggest online display advertising company struggled to maintain its profit margins in the face of declining sales. As many as 700 more will join the ranks of the unemployed. However, Ms Bartz said she was not shying away from investing more in Yahoo’s most promising businesses.
  • The music business continues to shrink. The growth in digital sales last year once again failed to make up for declining sales of traditional formats, according to music industry trade group IFPI. Global sales of physical formats dropped by nearly $2.5bn to $13.8bn, while digital purchases rose only $750m to $3.78bn.

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There are two explanations making the rounds for Oracle’s unexpected entry into the hardware business. Neither on its own is wholly convincing, but each hints at what is probably really going on here.

The first is the explanation that Oracle was putting about on Monday. This holds that vertical integration of all aspects of hardware and software is the next step being demanded by the customers of enterprise technology companies, who want one throat to choke when something goes wrong. Read more