techfile 8.04.09

  • Indian police filed formal charges against former Satyam chairman B. Ramalinga Raju, two of his brothers, two Price Waterhouse auditors and four others, in a widening of the probe into the outsourcing giant’s alleged fraud. Meanwhile, four parties emerged as serious bidders for what’s left of Satyam, set to be auctioned off on Monday.
  • The Australian government is set to invest $31bn in the construction of a national broadband network. The eight-year project is expected to create 37,000 jobs, and will amount to the nation’s largest-ever infrastructure project.
  • A year after it introduced its low-power Atom processor, Intel has launched two new versions for Mobile Internet Devices (Mids) at its developer forum in Beijing.
  • DoubleTwist has gone round on itself again since we wrote about its launch and initial funding a year ago. The media converter and sharer coded by DVD Jon has raised $5m in second round funding from investors including former Walt Disney president Michael Ovitz. Its buggy Windows version, which was withdrawn into a closed beta, has also been relaunched and now resembles a Porsche rather than a Yugo, says the team.
  • Seesmic, the video comment service, has introduced a new Twitter client – Seesmic Desktop. It is stopping development of Twhirl, the client it acquired that rivals Tweetdeck in popularity, and is putting all its efforts into its new platform.
  • The dark clouds looming over Silicon Valley may finally be starting to lift. The quarterly Silicon Valley Venture Capitalist Confidence Index halted its five-quarter decline, ticking upwards for the first time since late 2007. “Most VC respondents tended to believe this may be a good time to invest in new start-ups given lower valuations, and new available entrepreneurial talent, and a longer term time horizon,” said Mark Cannice, Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship at the University of San Francisco, which puts the survey together.