Daily Archives: May 6, 2009

Another day, another Kindle press conference. Here I am again at a New York launch event for a new Amazon device, only three months after the arrival of the Kindle 2.

This time, Jeff Bezos of Amazon has just enthused about the Kindle DX, which sounds like a small car but is in fact a large screen version of the Kindle electronic paper reading device.

I am not sure whether it is really an improvement. Read more

The answer, based on our back-of-the-envelope calculations: Probably, yes.

But that doesn’t mean that some of the juicy tax benefits the sector has enjoyed aren’t about to come in for some close scrutiny. A case in point: the near-$500m tax benefit Apple got last year for keeping cash parked offshore rather than returning it to the US.

The question in the headline above arises because the White House, trawling for ways to plug corporate tax loopholes and fill a yawning fiscal deficit, has just come up with ways to trim back on the tax privileges of US companies that operate internationally. Read more

  • Memo to PC users: the post-Vista era has just arrived, at least unofficially. Days after releasing the first (and probably only) “release candidate” of Windows 7 to professional developers, Microsoft made the software freely available for anyone to download over the Web. Assuming no last-minute changes, this is the version of the new operating system that will eventually be shipped on new PCs. The trial software will be operative until next March, after which users will have to pay up for a full licence.
  • Microsoft certainly didn’t waste time with the unprecedented 5,000 job cuts it announced earlier this year. Originally scheduled to take 18 months, the round of cuts was effectively completed on Tuesday as the company sent out another big wave of notifications. Steve Ballmer promised to keep a close eye on costs and did not rule out further cuts.

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