Daily Archives: May 7, 2009

  • Amazon launched the Kindle DX, expanding its dominance in the e-reader market while offering a more attractive platform for publishers of textbooks and newspapers. The Kindle DX received complimentary reviews from many critics, who appreciated its large display and enhanced capabilities. Others however, were unconvinced that the DX was a big breakthrough.
  • Microsoft has stirred up fresh complaints of anti-competitive behaviour with its release this week of a late-stage trial version of the next Windows PC operating system. The complaints, from some of the leading makers of web browsers, look set to intensify the software company’s regulatory headaches just as it is seeking to head off swingeing anti-trust action from the European Commission over a related issue.

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Amazon is claiming to offer newspapers a new lease of life with the larger-screen Kindle DX, which transforms reading the printed versions of publications into an easier-to-carry internet-delivered digital experience.

The trend is towards a more literal and fixed digital representation of newspapers, likely to appeal to older audiences. However, in many ways, the more interesting experiments in new media are happening elsewhere, and have more to do with changing the fundamental reading (and writing) experience. Read more