Daily Archives: May 15, 2009

Intel, the world’s biggest chipmaker,  threw its weight this week behind a new version of an operating system – but it was not Windows 7.

That may come as some surprise to observers who have always put Intel in the Microsoft camp with their “Wintel” alliance. Read more

  • A seven-year battle between the US Federal Trade Commission and Rambus, the memory-chip specialist, has ended in defeat for the FTC. The regulator had  ruled that Rambus plotted to get secretly patented technology it developed included in industry standards, but an appeal court had thrown out its ruling and, on Thursday, the FTC dropped the rest of its case.
  • Nintendo was the big winner in April in the US video game market. According to the NPD research firm’s monthly figures, it sold 1.08m units of its dual-screen handheld console following the introduction of the new DSi model on April 5. That was nearly double unit sales of 563,000 in March.

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Bundling wireless data service with personal tech hardware finally seems to be catching on in the US, spurred on perhaps by slowing subscription growth as the wireless voice telephony market nears saturation.

First Amazon signed a trend-setting deal with Sprint to wireless-enable the original Kindle e-book reader – a deal which immediately set the Kindle apart from the competition including Sony’s rival e-book reader. Read more