Daily Archives: June 4, 2009

Palm’s improbable comeback story got some help on Thursday when a carefully selected group of reviewers gave the new Pre smartphone the thumbs-up.

“Elegant, joyous,” says David Pogue. “It’s a myth, an idea, possibly a legacy,” raves Engadget. The Pre will “certainly give the iPhone and other rivals a run for their money,” declares USA Today.

Nice to see the Pre get over the first hurdle, but there’s a long way to go if it is to save Palm. Read more

The FT’s Lex column says that EMC and NetApp are right to be fighting over de-duplication company Data Domain:

The excitement is over software and hardware designed to reduce duplication. Data Domain specialises in identifying and removing multiple copies of files when a back-up copy of data is made . . . As the volume of data that companies must process explodes, Data Domain is growing fast – analysts forecast sales growth of 28 per cent this year.

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  • If Carol Bartz is trying to cozy up to Microsoft, she certainly wasn’t showing it on Wednesday. Speaking at a Bank of America investment conference, the Yahoo CEO dismissed the new Bing “decision engine” with faint praise and predicted that it would have no impact on Microsoft’s status as an also-ran in the search business. She also suggested that some estimates of the cost-savings from a search pact with Microsoft had been overstated, and a deal would probably save Yahoo around $500m.
  • Google and Yahoo confirmed that they were among a number of tech companies to have received information requests from the Department of Justice about hiring practices. Following the DoJ’s decision to look into possible collusion arising from overlapping board seats between Google and Apple, the regulatory review was another sign that Washington’s new trust-busters are taking unusual approaches in their scrutiny of the tech industry.

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