Daily Archives: June 15, 2009

With the UK government’s Digital Britain report due tomorrow, it’s not surprising that today has seen a crop of announcements from media companies touting their digital credentials.

Three claimed “firsts” announced today are Virgin Media’s “unlimited” music downloading partnership with Universal Music; broadcaster Five allowing full-length programmes to be embedded (YouTube-style) in third-party websites; and video streaming site Blinkbox offering pay-per-view Warner Bros movies, from the Dark Knight to Casablanca. Read more

The FT’s Lex column looks at the dilutive stock sale that will see the founders of Dutch navigation device maker TomTom give up their majority stake in the company to head off a debt cruch. Its conclusion:

Painful, but a price worth paying to put the focus back on growth, and away from a tattered balance sheet.

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Sony's 11

In May 2008, chairman and chief executive Sir Howard Stringer said that, within the next twelve months, Sony would launch a 27″ television based on OLED – organic light emitting diode – technology.

More than twelve months later, with no 27″ version released and Sony showing only 21″ prototypes, it’s time to ask what happened. Read more