Daily Archives: June 17, 2009

The “S” in the new iPhone 3GS, which goes on sale on Friday, stands for “Speed”. It could also stand for “Storage” and “Souped-up Software.”

The “S” has double the memory,  a faster processor, compatibility with higher-megabit networks and up to 32 gigabytes of storage. And it may need every bit of this new horsepower and space. Read more

The web browser has undergone a renaissance in the past year, compared to the Dark Ages of underdevelopment of the first half of this decade after Microsoft crushed competition from Netscape.

Google has introduced Chrome, Apple has just issued a lightning-fast version of Safari with a new user interface and HTML 5 is being adopted to enable browsers to run every kind of program normally associated with native desktop applications.

But the browser’s basic design is still centred around representing web pages rather than the activity of users and their connections. Read more

FT media editor Andrew Edgecliffe-Johnson reports from the Wired design conference in New York:

Amazon lined up with those arguing that Google needs to be reined in earlier this week, as Jeff Bezos argued that the search juggernaut’s settlement with publishers should not simply be waved through by the authorities.

“We have strong opinions about that issue which I’m not going to share,” he said, before going on to share at least some of them. “Clearly that settlement in our opinion needs to be revisited and [in reference to the DoJ's recent requests for information] is being revisited.” Read more

  • After reported intervention by the US State department, Twitter delayed a scheduled maintenance outage so that its service would be available to help disseminate the message from protesters in Iran. With journalists there operating under increasingly heavy restrictions, the micro-blogging service has come to play an important role.
  • How do you salvage a former internet star that has been flirting with irrelevance? Sack nearly a third of the staff. That was the first move by new MySpace CEO Owen Van Natta on Tuesday as he tried to bring entrepreneurial drive back to the social networking site.

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