Daily Archives: June 19, 2009

Apple watchers have been queue-observing today to try to gauge the success of the latest iteration of the iPhone, the 3G S.

Apple Stores opened early, at 7am, for launch day around the US. I was outside the Corte Madera outlet (pictured) where enthusiasm seemed almost as strong as when the original iPhone launched two years ago. Read more

Sony tried to breathe new life into its Blu-ray format on Thursday, just as a new poll suggested interest in its high-definition disk was waning among US consumers.

At a San Francisco event, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment told us it was launching what it believed was its first “killer app” using the internet-connected BD-Live features of the standard. Read more

  • The Federal Communications Commission said it would look into the exclusive ties in the US that have limited some mobile handsets to particular operators. The promise came as AT&T prepared to welcome another spate of new customers, thanks to its exclusive deal to carry the iPhone in the US. Three students were the first to start lining up to buy the iPhone 3G S in New York, arriving 24 hours before the official Friday morning launch of the device. Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster predicted sales of 500,000 this weekend.

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Does Microsoft really have the stomach to pour another $10bn or more into the seemingly bottomless pit of internet search?

Steve Ballmer was certainly talking tough on Thursday, declaring that the company was prepared to commit 5-10 per cent of its annual operating income (2008 total: $22bn) to search for the next five years.

This is not really surprising. He has made similar comments in the past. And as Youssef Squali at Jefferies points out, based on the last few quarters Microsoft is already losing around $2bn a year in online services. So all Ballmer’s statement really adds up to is a declaration that he is prepared to stay the course.

However, coming nearly three weeks after the launch of Bing, it is the timing, rather than the content, of the message that is important. Read more