Daily Archives: June 22, 2009

Icann, the internet organisation that decides on generic top-level domains (TLDs), is being lobbied at its meeting in Sydney this week by supporters of a rival bid emerging for the .eco ending to web addresses.

In March, no less a figure than Al Gore, the environmentalist and former US vice president, threw his weight behind an application by Dot Eco LLC for the TLD. The company, founded by US internet entrepreneurs and a Hollywood producer, plans to sell .eco addresses to businesses wanting to tout their green credentials and then pour back more than half the profits into environmental causes, including Mr Gore’s Alliance for Climate Protection.

It sounds a laudable idea, but a Canadian company, Big Room, thinks it has a better one for .eco, as well as superior environmental experience. Read more

Hewlett-Packard, which is trying multiple ways to get people to keep printing things instead of just posting them online, will roll out something truly novel this fall: a printer that doesn’t need a computer.

The high-end HP Photosmart Premium will sell for about $399 and has its own 4.33-inch touch screen, allowing consumers to select pages to print from a limited number of providers. Read more

The FT’s editorial page argues that Europe’s data-protection commissioners are right to pursue a new regulatory framework to protect online privacy on sites such as Facebook:

Users must be made aware of how much personal information about them has built up and prompted to think again about how they want that to be used, with tools that promote an informed decision rather than simply pester users with constant requests for permission.

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