Daily Archives: June 30, 2009

The FT’s Gideon Rachman writes in his column:

One of my very last tweets was: “This is possibly the most moronic form of journalism I have ever done.” Since then, I have fallen largely silent.But now I am having to rethink my disdain. Read more

Nintendo’s flagship summer title, Wii Sports Resort, has got off to a strong start since its launch in Japan last Thursday June 25th.

According to figures from publisher Enterbrain in its Famitsu magazine, Wii Sports Resort sold 353,827 copies in its first four days on sale. That makes it the third most successful launch in the history of the Wii in Japan. Read more

  • Facebook appeared to move a step closer to an IPO with its appointment of David Ebersman as chief financial officer. He joins from biotech company Genentech and is the “someone with public company experience” that Facebook said it had been seeking.
  • The European Union has endorsed a decision by 17 mobile phone companies to agree on standard chargers for mobile phones. The move to the mini-USB standard should mean “interchargeable” phones will be in stores in 2010.

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We  wrote about the boom in social gaming applications on Facebook back in April. Then in May, as the two-year anniversary of Facebook’s platform rolled around,  we looked at how social games were by far its most popular category of applications. Now, there are signs that social games are growing up:

Social gaming, where social networks become venues for virtual pets and fantasy mob wars, is becoming a real world battleground for industry players trying to cash in on the phenomenon. The console industry is exploring social gaming, traditional video game companies are losing top executives to the sector and there is infighting among the new wave of developers as they seek to copy each other’s successes.

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