Daily Archives: July 9, 2009

  • Google’s unveiling of the new Chrome OS at least a year before consumers will actually be able to buy it brought cries of “vapourware!” from critics.  Yet the prospect of a Google PC operating system to rival Windows created an even bigger splash than the arrival of the Chrome browser last year. Fake Steve had the last laugh - while also successfully puncturing some of the hype that has already built up around the promised software.
  • With both public and private websites in the US and South Korea coming under assault in an unusually powerful cyber-attack, it was not surprising that suspicion fell on North Korea. Yet if this follows the pattern of most other attacks, the true source will never be identified.

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Google has released a few more details on the Chrome operating system, including pricing, and yes, you guessed it – it’s free.

The news is completely expected but still refreshing, compared to the complicated tiered pricing and discounts detailed by Microsoft for Windows 7 last month. Read more

Blink twice it seems and another new smartphone is launched. Just weeks after Palm and Sprint Nextel debuted the Palm Pre and Apple  rolled out the go-faster iPhone  T-Mobile USA took the wrappers off the T-Mobile myTouch 3G – the second Google Android-powered smartphone launched by the US-based  mobile unit of Germany’s Deutsche Telekom group.

Indeed new handsets are appearing so fast that Denny Marie Post, T-Mobile USA’s chief marketing officer, anointed this year as ‘the summer of smartphones.’ Read more