Daily Archives: July 10, 2009

All the talk this week has been about Google’s forthcoming Chrome PC operating system, but that doesn’t mean its other operating system, Android, is going away, according to its chief engineer.

Andy Rubin, Google’s vice president of  mobile engineering, said today that Android, aimed at smartphones and netbooks, was even likely to outstrip the success of Apple’s mobile operating system, which is now in more than 40m iPhone and iPod touch devices. Read more

Adapting video (and audio) content to meet the requirements of hundreds, if not thousands, of types of mobile devices is a technology challenge that most content providers would rather avoid but nevertheless need to overcome if they are to be successful in an increasingly competitive market.

Enter QuickPlay Media, a five-year-old Toronto based company which built its OpenVideo Platform for just this purpose. On Monday QuickPlay Media will announce that it has completed a $12m fourth round of funding led by GMP Securities bringing the total it has raised from VCs to date to $40m.

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