Daily Archives: July 14, 2009

Maybe YouTube can do what the European Commission can’t: break open the internet browser market.

That is one intriguing possibility raised by a YouTube prompt that invites some visitors to the site to select a new browser (image from TechCrunch, after the jump). They are given three options: Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 8 and Firefox 3.5 (in that order).

It’s surely no coincidence that this is the approach the EC has been trying to force on Microsoft. Brussels wants Microsoft to provide Windows users with a “ballot screen” offering them a choice of browsers (likely also to include Safari and Opera). Read more

  • Digital Sky Technologies, the Russian internet group that has invested $200m in Facebook, will purchase up to $100m in common stock from existing shareholders in the social network. The deal clarifies Facebook’s valuation, giving its common stock a value of about $6.5bn. This is higher than the rumoured valuations last autumn when a similar deal was considered, but lower than the value of Facebook’s preferred stock.
  • Microsoft escalated its battle with arch rival Google, reacting to an assault on one of its core businesses with the announcement of a free online version of its widely used Office software, to be launched next year. While likely to take only a small bite out of Office revenues in the short term, the move represents one of the most radical steps yet by Microsoft as it tries to refocus its software business around the internet, according to analysts.

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Our notion of real time as it relates to the web is still fuzzy in its newness.

The Real-Time Stream Crunchup event in Silicon Valley was the first major conference to look at this year’s buzz trend – the real-time web. Ironically, it was running over an hour late by the time I got there on Friday. Read more