Daily Archives: August 13, 2009

Twitter, which recently became the latest big-name victim of a denial-of-service attack launched from a botnet of thousands of compromised personal computers, has also been pressed into service by the masters of another botnet.

Security researcher Jose Nazario of Arbor Networks said Thursday he had found a handful of streams on the micro-blogging service that were used to tell drone computers where to go to download new instructions. Read more

Internet filters have become more powerful and continue to be used more widely for government censorship – as shown most recently in this week’s report from the OpenNet Initiative on the state of the art in the Middle East and Africa.

So it’s worth celebrating when the rising tide of official censorship is kept at bay, even if such victories are hedged with qualifications, and are by no means certain to last. Read more

Yesterday Microsoft and Nokia announced an alliance meant to challenge Research in Motion’s lead in the corporate mobile phone market. The FT’s Lex column writes that “the battle is hotting up because this year the smartphone market is the only game in town.”

Shipments of phones that allow web surfing, e-mail and run other popular software applications rose 27 per cent in the second quarter – while overall handset sales remain on track for their first full-year decline. Even during the recession, consumers are abandoning dumb phones when, for just a little more money, they can get a pocket-sized computer instead.

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