Daily Archives: September 4, 2009

Pico projectors – miniaturised projectors that are the size of a cellphone or can even fit inside a handset -have failed to meet the projections of analysts.

Last year, they predicted 2m-3m units would be shipped in 2009, but it now appears that only around 250,000 units will ship this year.

However, a pickup is expected as the technology improves and consumers are “wowed” by demonstrations of it in more consumer electronics devices. Read more

Kai Fu LeeKai-Fu Lee’s time as president of Google China began with controversy, as Microsoft sued the search company for poaching him, then faced a countersuit by Google. His departure was a severe blow for Microsoft’s Chinese operations, and brought out the depth of the animosity between the two companies.

Mr Lee’s impending departure from Google has also sparked debate – not least because it is still unclear exactly why he is leaving and what he is going on to do.   Read more