Daily Archives: September 21, 2009

This is a guest post from the FT’s media correspondent, Kenneth Li

Finding a good movie is generally a hit or miss proposition, Reed Hastings, chief executive of Netflix, explained on Monday.

That’s a problem for Mr Hastings, whose billion dollar mail order movies rental business hinges on subscribers being progressively happier about what they watch next or risk dumping the service.

Netflix, which discovered early on that movies that were recommended generally pleased customers more than even new releases, spent a decade struggling to take the guesswork out of what to watch next and were unable to boost accuracy by 10 per cent.

Mr Hastings turned that challenge — telling customers what they want before they want it –- into a million dollar global challenge. The winners were announced todayRead more

It was hard for Dallas Cowboys fans to look away from their team’s opening 33-31 home defeat to the New York Giants on Sunday night.

The Giants’ victory was writ large on huge Mitsubishi-made screens getting their National Football League debut in the Cowboys new $1.2bn stadium. Read more

Robo.to, the  service we highlighted as competing to be your cell phone’s “social address book”, has also launched a Web “TV” version today.

Robo.to lets users record four-second video status updates and these are now being streamed in channel-like themes, several of them started by Justin Timberlake, its pop-star lead investor. Read more

Google’s email service is finally returning to its original Gmail branding in the UK after a four-year absence, after Google settled a trademark dispute.

Google paid £226,324 for the intellectual property rights for Gmail to a small UK-based financial research firm, Independent International Investment ResearchRead more