Daily Archives: September 25, 2009

For all its talk of publicly sharing information with an ever-larger audience, Twitter kept curiously quiet when conversation turned to its own finances this time round.

It was first reported last week that Twitter was about to close a new round of funding. We confirmed as much yesterday, after new details of the funding emerged.

Insight Venture Partners, a New York private equity firm, and T. Rowe Price, a fund manager, are leading the $100m round, which values Twitter at $1bn. This is Twitter’s fifth round of funding, and brings total investment in the company to $155m.

But despite all the chatter, Twitter didn’t tweet about it. Read more

The App Store is becoming as overused a buzzphrase as Web 2.0, with San Francisco now implying the city itself, as much as any device, can become a platform for applications.

Gavin Newsom, the city’s trendy Twittering mayor, guest-posted on the Mashable blog on Friday. He announced the launch of the DataSF App Showcase, “a City App Store to highlight and centralize programs created from City data.” Read more