Cowboys screen is a sign of the times

It was hard for Dallas Cowboys fans to look away from their team’s opening 33-31 home defeat to the New York Giants on Sunday night.

The Giants’ victory was writ large on huge Mitsubishi-made screens getting their National Football League debut in the Cowboys new $1.2bn stadium.

It seems the days of the JumboTron are long gone, with Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Vision providing high-definition LED (light-emitting diode) screens in stadia and public places across the US.

Here in San Francisco, we get “Opera at the the ball park” evenings as the city’s opera company beams its productions in high-definition to audiences watching for free on the huge screens at the home of the Giants baseball team.

In New York, Mitsubishi has provided the highest-definition scoreboard in the world for the new Yankees baseball stadium as well as Clear Channel‘s new sign in Times Square, which the media company says will be “Google-esque -  the text itself will be fully dynamic, constantly changing with the sponsor, the season, and other events.”

The Cowboys scoreboard is now the world’s largest at more than 11,000 square feet or 2,000 inches diagonally for each of the two screens facing the opposing sidelines.

Although 90 feet up in the centre of the stadium, they have already caused controversy after a kicker hit one with a pre-season punt, despite them being above regulation height.

The only things that were striking on Sunday night were the displays themselves and a stadium packed with an NFL-record 105,000 fans.