Daily Archives: October 1, 2009

Sony’s launch of the PSPgo and its Minis store today will inevitably invoke comparisons with Apple’s iPod touch and the App Store.

But Sony and Nintendo’s handheld consoles will also be competing with forthcoming Android-based smartphones, where the next version of the Google OS will focus on improving 3D gaming performance, as well as from new Windows Mobile devices.

Leading iPhone game publisher Gameloft has 11 titles ready for the launch next week of Skymarket, the Windows Mobile “App Store”.  An interview after the jump with Gonzague de Vallois, Gameloft’s head of publishing, on the challenge facing Sony and Nintendo. Read more

Tandberg video conferencingCisco’s $3bn bid for Tandberg has made everyone sit up and take notice of video conferencing. It is only little over a week since HP launched its new SkyRoom video conferencing product for desktop computers. HP’s Halo already competes with Cisco at the high end of the telepresence market, with elaborate camera and meeting room systems which come close to simulating real-life meetings. Now, with the Tandberg acquisition and SkyRoom, both companies are looking to serve all segments of the market from high end to mass market. Microsoft has also developed teleconferencing services similar to Cisco and HP. Read more

When I talked with Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg in July, he said that much of his company’s future would play out not on Facebook.com, but on the myriad other sites across the web that use Facebook Connect.

Sure, Facebook’s user base was growing fast (it had topped 200m when we spoke, and recently eclipsed 300m), but Mr Zuckerberg said the real potential was in allowing users to log in to other sites, such as CNET and Citysearch, with their Facebook identity.

“That’s a lot of the future,” he said at the time. “A really interoperable graph of people’s identity that they can bring with them to other places.”

Today Facebook unveiled two new features for Facebook Connect that should help bring Mr Zuckerberg’s vision to fruition. Read more