Daily Archives: October 2, 2009

Google Wave has been all the talk this week, with the instant-messaging on steroids collaboration tool – yes, we know that’s a gross oversimplification – expanding its reach to 100,000 beta testers.

FT techtalk, a much more modest beta launched on Friday  using CoveritLive’s service, is instant messaging with just a few bells and whistles.

Below is the transcript of the FT San Francisco bureau’s review of the week’s tech news and look forward to what’s coming next in Silicon Valley and beyond.

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It’s easy to forget about Microsoft’s mobile phone efforts, given the buzz around Apple’s iPhone and the growing number of slick smartphones based on Google’s Android operating system.

But Windows Mobile is likely to grab back some of the limelight next week with the introduction of  new phones based on its 6.5 operating system at an event in New York, along with the launch of its Skymarket “app store.”

And, as the iSuppli research firm says in a new forecast, “Reports of Windows Mobile’s death are greatly exaggerated.” Read more