Daily Archives: October 6, 2009

That about sums up the outlook for global chipmakers this year and the next, according to Gartner, which yesterday raised its industry revenue forecast for 2009. The US-based research company said at a conference in Taipei that worldwide semiconductor revenues would likely fall 17 per cent this year, less than their previous prediction of a 22.4 per cent drop.

Bryan Lewis, vice president of research, said this was due to a “consumer spending spree” on PCs and mobile phones, driven by falling prices and the effects of stimulus packages by governments around the world. Read more

Nintendo’s US chief says the $50 price cut for the Wii has given the console a significant sales lift.

Reggie Fils-Aime, Nintendo president in the US, told the FT in an interview that the price reduction was part of a strategy to boost holiday season sales, coupling it with Sunday’s launch of its Wii Fit Plus title. Read more

Due to the enormous cost and technology involved, less than a dozen people have had their DNA fully decoded, or “sequenced”, to date.

But IBM has come up with a method that could make this affordable for everyone – DNA sequencing could be more than a million times cheaper using chips with holes just three billionths of a metre wide, it says. Read more

Part of Amazon’s success is attributable to the ease it has brought to the payments experience. Shopping on Amazon.com is made simple by Amazon storing much of a customer’s checkout information and minimising clicks, and a few years ago Amazon rolled out Checkout, which lets users on other websites pay using their Amazon credits or payments information stored on Amazon. (Amazon doesn’t reveal Checkout has been successful.)

Now Amazon has released a Mobile Payments Service. The programme will let e-commerce sites integrate the Checkout experience into sites designed for mobile phones, presenting yet another option for developers who are eager to encourage more mobile-commerceRead more